Monday, May 4, 2009

Let the Knitting Begin!

Not the best picture I've ever taken.  Trust me, this is delightful yarn.  It's from Sunshine Yarns, which is owned by a lovely person named Dani.  Dani's customer service skills are simply superior.  I wrote her to inquire about this lovely yarn, which was sold out.  She offered to whip up a batch just for little old me.  I was super-deluxe grateful.  My lovely yarns arrived quickly, and I've been all smiles ever since.

This collection is the Twilight Mini Skeins.  They are delicate and beautiful.  Each of the tiny bundles is named after a character from the ultra-fab Twilight series.  My favorite?  VERY hard to choose, but I'd probably have to go with Alice, which is the second from top.  I also love Vampire Baseball (third from top), Esme Island (fourth from top), and...oh.  I love them all.

I plan to make this lovely scarf.  Quietish has turned this into a beauty.

Stay tuned for pictures!

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  1. Ooooohhh, very pretty yarn!! I love that scarf you plan on making with it and please do share it when you complete it, it's certain to be just as lovely! TFS and for visiting my blog! You are so sweet! hus, my crafty new friend!